Some Thoughts On Humility From Anonymous

“Humility is the ability to look properly shy when you tell people how wonderful you are.”

“Sincere humility attracts. Lack of humility subtracts. Artificial humility detracts.”

“When you know you’ve got humility, you’ve lost it.”

“Stay humble or stumble.”

“The best way to be right or wrong is humbly.”


Some More Thoughts On Humility From Various Authors

“A great man is always willing to be little.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, “He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.”


“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.”

Albert Einstein

“Stay hungry, stay young, stay foolish, stay curious, and above all, stay humble because just when you think you got all the answers, is the moment when some bitter twist of fate in the universe will remind you that you very much don’t.”

Tom Hiddleston

“True humility does not know that it is humble. If it did, it would be proud from the contemplation of so fine a virtue.”

Martin Luther

Some Thoughts On Humility From Various Authors

“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”

Abraham Lincoln

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”

J.M. Barrie

“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.”

Michel de Montaigne

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Ernest Hemingway

“Who is more humble? The scientist who looks at the universe with an open mind and accepts whatever the universe has to teach us, or somebody who says everything in this book must be considered the literal truth and never mind the fallibility of all the human beings involved?”

Carl Sagan

Some Thoughts From Anonymous About Humility

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“One of the hardest secrets for a man to keep is his opinion of himself.”

“Humility is like underwear. We should have it—but not let it show.”

Humility is the ability to look embarrassed while bragging.”

“No matter how humble you think you are, it always come as a shock to find out some people don’t like you.”

“Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character.”