Questions Of Interest

I have decided to add questions for our readers to consider and add comments. Some of these may rather different  but I hope you can help me sharpen them in order for each one of us to become better and more critical thinkers.

Futurism and Innovation

(3) I shared this question with our readers October 16, 2012.

To what degree might the actual economy be locked-in to inferior technology paths?

(4) What advantages are patents and/or trademarks to the acceleration of innovation?

Health and Fitness

(5) I shared this with our readers October 10, 2012.


(2) How do civilizations lead to epidemics?

How can we build a healthcare system that will actually help dying patients achieve what is most important to them at the end of their lives.


(1) How can we differentiate information from “noise”?


5 thoughts on “Questions Of Interest

  1. Q1: rephrasing: How do we best determine which information or data is useful to retain and which we may ‘safely’ disregard? (given that our brains are now programmed to take short cuts that select certain patterns in favour over others or in favour of no pattern we currently recognise)?
    That leads us to:
    Is it necessary for us to continuously re-appraise the patterns our brain becomes most familiar with/able to recognise in order that our creativity evolve?

    Bob says: yes. 🙂
    Bob’s next question is: How do we do that?

  2. Bob, thanks for the questions. I believe as we sharpen our mental models (our building blocks so to speak) that we can determine what information is “necessary” and what is “noise”. Your question is very in depth and I may add excellent.

    I like to ask myself this question as I move forward on a difficult problem. What is something I believed about this twenty years ago that I now believe differently? I will respond more as I think this through.

    • Bob likes the idea of asking himself how did Bob think differently about this 20 years ago to the way Bob does now….

      Problem… Bob is finding it harder and harder to remember what Bob thought about anything 20 years ago 😉

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