How To Watch The Ball Playing Tennis Part III

The third part of watching the ball in tennis is to watch the ball at the point of impact. Now I realize that you cannot actually see the ball hit your strings, but we must keep our eyes on the ball as long as possible. Most of you tennis players are saying to yourself, “I am watching it as long as I can.” How do we know if we are watching the ball long enough. I have heard other tennis professionals say to keep your head still and that is correct but how long do I keep my head still?

The answer to the question on a forehand is to keep your head still until your chin touches your shoulder. I like to overemphasize this and tell students to count 1001 after they hit a forehand. If your chin is not touching your shoulder you know that you are not making a proper follow through. Look at the illustration below:

Another little tidbit, if you are having trouble, imagine that you are hitting through three balls and this will help you extend your follow through and give you better control of your shot.


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