How To Watch The Ball Playing Tennis Part I

I have recently started teaching tennis again and the most difficult thing is to get my students to watch the ball. Now I realize that you can’t see the ball come off the strings but I would like them to watch as closely as possible. Now how can I get them to do that without repeating Watch The Ball!!! which goes in one ear and out the other?

This post will focus on the first step of watching the ball playing tennis which is watch the ball come off the opponent’s racquet.

What can I tell about this if I was playing Roger Federer? I can certainly see that it is going to come to me at a pretty good pace. What else? It looks like he is putting topspin on the ball. If it was a slice, I know it would be underspin. What does a topspin ball do? It bounces higher, while a slice or underspin, typically stays low to the ground. What else? I can basically see what direction that Roger is hitting the ball and how short or deep it is going to go in the court. So with this information I need to start moving to get in position.

As you can see this is a process and in order to have an excellent outcome, I need to put all these pieces in place. We will see in Parts 2 and 3 how all this culminates in an excellent outcome. This may seem somewhat odd that I would put this in this blog, but I want our readers to see that if you want an excellent outcome in anything you are trying to accomplish that you must have the strongest process possible in order to achieve it.


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