Currently Analytically Reading: What Is History? By Edward Hallett Carr

What is History? by Edward Hallett Carr from 1961 contains a series of the George Macauley Trevelyn Lectures which were given at the University of Cambridge from January to March in 1961.

The reason that I am reading this is to understand the study of history and how it might enable me to understand problems better and how to look at the world in general. I love this quote from page 86:

“Learning from history is never simply a one-way process. To learn about the present in the light of the past means also to learn about the past in the light of the present. The function of history is to promote a profounder understanding of both past and present through the interrelation between them.”

As I was referring to earlier, I believe this quote from page 130 illustrates what I am attempting to understand.

“How can one discover in history a coherent sequence of cause and effect, how can we find any meaning in history, when our sequence is liable to be broken of deflected at any moment by some other, and from our point of view irrelevant, sequence?”

This is highly recommended as it is very thought provoking in understanding our world and most importantly our past.


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