Currently Analytically Rereading: Latticework: The New Investing By Robert G. Hagstrom

Latticework: The New Investing by Robert G. Hagstrom is not only a book about investing but how to become a much better thinker in acquiring worldly wisdom. He brings together such diverse subjects as biology, physics, sociology, psychology and even literature in showing the reader how they can be put together and used in our decision-making process. This is not an in-depth work but a summary of all these subjects which whets the appetite of those of us who wish to pursue this further.

Even though he speaks primarily on investing, the reader can use these same principles in other fields as well.

Some interesting quotes from the book include:

“Investment decisions are more likely to be correct when ideas from other disciplines lead to the same conclusions.”

“Those who strive to understand connections are well on the way to worldly wisdom.”

“How does one achieve worldly wisdom? The first is a matter of educating yourself; the second is a matter of learning to think and see differently.”

“We do not learn new subjects because we have somehow become better learners, but because we have become better at recognizing patterns.”

I am really excited about rereading this book and taking some extensive notes in which to share with you. Here is a video from the author about the book. Even though this book was written in 2000, I believe that it contains pearls that we need to be patient and harvest.


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