Currently Analytically Reading: Antifragile By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This is most likely the third time I have read this book and there is so much to glean from it that I will most likely read it a fourth time in the future. This time I am reading it for more insight in looking at problems that are presented to me and their solutions (if there is one).

I am learning that I must sharpen my questions if I am going to come to a better understanding of what I am facing and what the world around me is facing. Readers, are you sharpening your questions and becoming your own best teacher.

I have currently started teaching tennis again to juniors from the ages of eight to eighteen. My job is to teach them to be their own best teacher. When you are out on the court alone, you must be able to come up with a strategy and solutions to offset your opponent. This hopefully will carry over for them into life’s everyday problems that we all face.

I highly (once again) recommend this book and I am including a video from the author concerning his thoughts:


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