Book Of Interest: Schools On Trial By Nikhil Goyal

Book Of Interest: Schools On Trial By Nikhil Goyal

Schools On Trial by twenty year old Nikhal Goyal attacks how we are using the principle of teach to the test and are stifling our student’s creativity and freedom to learn because of it. He prescribes taking the common sense approach of using a student’s gifts and applying them to their drive and passion in maximizing learning.

He explores, at his own high school, Syosset in Long Island, New York, and which was ranked by Newsweek as the 143rd best high school in the United States, the downside of high school education as it entails cliques, bullying and other negative aspects of our social world and how it causes our educational system to further deteriorate. This book shows the reader the destruction of standardized education and its effects on our country and its creativity.

This book came out on February 16th, and I look forward to reporting on it further. Here is a video from the author talking about his book.


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