Finished Reading: Finding Everett Ruess By David Roberts

Yesterday I finished reading Finding Everett Ruess by David Roberts. This book was published in 2011, and is a must read if you have a yearning for travel and adventure. For me, the most fascinating aspects of this book is the fascination that Everett had with beauty and his idealism.

To only be twenty years old when he disappeared, and to be the writer of very thought provoking ideas, was worth the price of the book. The author explored in great detail with the resources that he had, this complex young man. If he had been privy to all the journals and diaries that had been lost or given to others, some serious researchers and some charlatans, there is no telling what he could have given to his readers.

In the later half of the book, Mr. Roberts does a fine job in exploring all the attempts to find Everett Ruess and all the possibilities in what actually happened to him. The maps at the front of the book were very helpful to this reader in understanding some of the routes Everett took as well as the search teams that later attempted to find him.

Having not ever hearing of Everett Ruess, I am thrilled I read this even-handed book to understand this young man, his disappearance and how it affected his immediate family but also his nieces and nephews, who had never met him. I am currently working on reading biographies and memoirs of people that I have never read of or know very little of their work. I must say that it is quite enjoyable.

I have included some interesting book reviews from 2011 for your pleasure:

From The Wall Street Journal

From The Washington Post

From The Los Angeles Times

Here is a video that you may be interested in after reading the book:


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