Some Thoughts On Various Subjects From Everett Ruess

I ran across these in reading Finding Everett Ruess by David Roberts and I found them very thought-provoking. Pretty amazing for a teenager!!!

“All accomplished works or deeds perish or are forgotten eventually. No love lives forever, and no two can completely understand one another, or if they do, it kills their love.”

Everett Ruess

“For to think is the beginning of death.”

Everett Ruess

Beauty isolated is terrible and unbearable, and the unclouded sight of her kills the beholder.”

Everett Ruess

“But he who has looked long on naked beauty may never return to the world.”

Everett Ruess

“The absorbing passion of any highly sensitive person is to forget himself, whether by drinking or agonizing love, by furious work or play, or by submerging himself in the creative arts…. But the pretense cannot endure, and unless he can find another as highly strung as himself with whom to share the murderous pain of living, he will surely go insane.”

Everett Ruess


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