Finished Reading: $2.00 A Day: Living On Almost Nothing In America By Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaerer

This book looks at the poorest of the poor and I was absolutely flabbergasted that as of 2011, 1.5 million families with about 3 million children were living on less than $2.00 per day. Also, 1.7 percent of all households with kids in 1996 were below this standard as compared in 2011 4 percent, or about 1 in 25 families. According to the book, most of these individuals want to work or they have instability in their home lives. I must honestly say that I agree with the instability in the home, but I am skeptical whether these individuals want to work. Some of these individuals have turned to family for help, but due to the instability, this brings them down further. I also must admit that I was very impressed with the entrepreneurial skills of these families in order to make ends meet, as best as they could.

If you have empathy for this class and group of people, I strongly urge you to read this with an open mind and comment back as I have a heart for working with the poor, but sometimes I am not seeing clearly in helping them move from point A to point B.

Below is a video from The PBS News Hour for your enjoyment:


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