Book Of Interest: Improbable Scholars By David L. Kirp

Public education is in turmoil and despite some innovative efforts such as charter schools and a tremendous influx of money in some areas of our country it is floundering. This inspirational book by David L. Kirp shares the story of Union City, New Jersey, which is a predominantly Latino community just over the Hudson River from Manhattan.

The school system was previously one of the worst systems in New Jersey and has avoided most of the creative innovations in education and has focused on giving teachers the help that they need, early education and a tremendous focus on reading.

The book shows how this strategy is playing out there as test scores are rising, the rate of graduation has increased to approximately ninety percent and kids that are proceeding to college is sixty percent. These are impressive numbers in any school system in the United States.

As we proceed to move forward here in Madison County, TN, where the spending is fifth in the state on spending per student, we are working toward putting more of these dollars back in the classroom. This book looks to give us hope as well as a strategy for moving elementary and secondary education to solid ground. I heartily recommend this and will be reporting back to you in the future.

Here are some videos from the author about the book:


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