Books Of Interest: The Love Of Strangers And The Rise And Fall Of Violent Crime In America

The Love Of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned In Jane Austen’s London Nile Green

The author takes the diary of one of six Muslim students, Mirza Salih, and tells the story of these students coming to London in July of 1815 and learning how to help Iran, their native country, in withstanding the aggression of the Russians. Over the next four years, these students studied the latest in technology and science in order to combat the Russians and took back items such as a printing press, telescope and medical equipment. The book also describes their extracurricular activities such as love, the opera and the waters at Bath. This looks to be a tremendous look in how these cultures intermingled during the early 1800’s.

The Rise And Fall Of Violent Crime In America Barry Latzer

This book is coming out in January of 2016, and tells the story of the explosion of violent crime beginning in the 1960’s and how it was driven down in the most recent time period. The author brings together criminology and social history to relate to the reader in such areas as the rise of drugs such as cocaine, the minority invasion of our cities as well as the broad expansion of our prison system and now how we are looking to contract it. As I have stated earlier, I am extremely interested in this, because we are considering expanding our jail in Madison County, TN.


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