Books Of Interest: October 28th, 2015

Chicagonomics: The Evolution of Chicago Free Market Economics     Lanny Ebenstein

Published October 6, 2015, 304 Pages, Hardcover

This book examines the history of economics and its classical liberalism development at the University of Chicago. The author explores the ideas of great economists such as Fredrich Hayek and Milton Friedman and gives us the first history of the University of Chicago economics department since its founding in 1892.

The Invention of Science: A New History Of The Scientific Revolution     David Wooton

Published September 15th, 2015, 464 pages, Hardcover

Mr. Wooton has written extensively on the history of political thought and in this book, he brings numerous insights to light while looking into how and when certain developments such as the appearance of new words led to the adoption of a particular science. I am endorsing this book from the standpoint of understanding the process of certain men such as Brahe, Galileo, Pascal as well as Newton.

Underground In Berlin     Marie Jalowicz Simon

First published in March of 2014, 384 Pages, Hardcover

This is the incredible true story of Marie Jalowicz Simon who in 1941 at the age of nineteen went underground in Berlin and left behind her Jewish heritage in an incredible courageous act. As Jews were being rounded up and exterminated, Marie, with an false identity moved over twenty times between safe houses and accepted generosity wherever she could find it. She lived with foreign workers, committed communists and even Nazis sympathizers. How she was able to survive is what makes me recommend this book to see how luck, courage and determination enabled her to survive.

As a sidenote, her son before her death in 1998, persuaded her to dictate her story to him and let us know that what she did during this time was an attempt just to survive by whatever means necessary.

Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism And The Future of Neurodiversity     Steve Silberman

Published August 25th, 2015, 544 Pages, Hardcover

This book by WIRED reporter Steve Silberman explores exactly what is autism and whether it a lifelong disability or a type of genius due to a cognitive difference in the brain. Mr. Silberman explores the history of autism and to me the most important aspect of this is why the number of cases of types of autism have exploded in recent years. He also maps out a path for all of us in how to deal with people in our society that are dealing with autism. Some questions that are of interest to me are: Exactly what do we know about autism? Because
of the seeming increase of the autism, is it an epidemic? and finally, Is there a cure for autism?

I have included a video by the author discussing Neurotribes and autism:


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