Currently Reading: The Invention Of Nature By Andrea Wulf

The Invention Of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World shows us in exquisite detail the life of Alexander Von Humboldt. I am currently one/third through this masterpiece of a man’s curiosity, resilience, stubbornness and drive to understand nature and how all the pieces work together. Von Humboldt came from a wealthy family in Germany and became a mining inspector after college. He would have preferred to become an adventurer because of his intense curiosity about all things having to do with nature. Thus far, this is the major thought process for me. I have never met nor read about a man such as this. He was not to be stopped in anything that he wanted to pursue or find out more about.

Ms. Wulf has done a magnificent research job in bringing Von Humboldt’s life to the reader. I live in Jackson, Tennessee and we have a Humboldt, Tennessee approximately twenty miles from my home and I never realized that it was named after Von Humboldt. Twelve other cities in the United States were named after him. The state of Nevada was almost named after Von Humboldt. This man played an instrumental role in bringing his vast findings to the scientific community.

After reading about David Livingstone and Henry Stanley, I honestly thought that there could not be an adventurers or adventurer that could rise to their standards of exploration. I was completely wrong, Alexander Von Humboldt was that man. I strongly recommend this book if you have any interest in travel and adventure. I also recommend it to the reader to be mystified by a man’s drive and stamina to capture  his passion of nature and bring it to the world.



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