Books Of Interest: Education and Futurism and Innovation

I was reading The New Yorker and ran across this article by John Cassidy entitled “College Calculus: What’s The Real Value of College Education? and found these four books mentioned that may be interest to our readers.

The Race Between Education and Technology     Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz

The authors give an extensive historical analysis of the co-existence of education and wage increase in the twentieth century. Because of Human Capital, The United States was able to become the richest nation in the world. The book brings together technological change, education, and economic inequality and shows how they compete with each other.

Will College Pay Off?     Peter Capelli

Mr. Capelli shows the decision making required to make a choice between where to go to school and whether it is cost effective. Since most colleges and for profit institutions are now more than ever offering more specific degrees, the author explores whether students actually receive jobs in the areas where they received these degrees.

The Second Machine Age     Erik Brynjolfsson and Andre McAfee

The authors, Brynjolfsson and McAfee shows the reader how technology is moving forward at a furious pace and that it is moving us into a new age of smart machines. The book argues that the economy is being transformed with technologies such as robots, AI and self-driving vehicles for example and that workers should embrace these changes and not fight against them. The book addresses how workers can exploit these changes to their advantage.

Learning By Doing: The Real Connection Between Innovation, Wages, and Wealth     James Besson

Mr. Besson shows the reader the increasing economic inequality because of the impact of technology and how it is affecting our paychecks. This was not the case up until around 1980, but since then we have seen the median wage remain stagnant. The author shows that this inequality does not have to be case.

All of these books look very inviting from the standpoint of how all these factors such as technology, education, innovation and inequality play into whether we move America forward or stagnate. I will have to save up my pennies to move these books to my pile.


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