Currently Reading: The Theory That Would Not Die By Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

I am about halfway through and this was not what I expected when I began. However, I am thrilled to get the history of Baye’s Theorem and the upheaval that it caused and is still causing. In my line of work, I can see tremendous benefits in understanding and using Baye’s Theorem in quite a few areas. This book has given me, thus far, the upside of the theorem as well as possibly some of the negatives at this point in my reading. I have read The Signal And The Noise by Nate Silver, but this is going to make me go back and syntopically read this, so that I have a much better understanding of this theorem. The author has a great reading list at the end of the book, but if one of our readers has a suggestion of a recent book on the practical use of Baye’s Theorem for a beginner with some knowledge of statistics, it would be much appreciated. I will report on this book more fully when I finish it (hopefully this week!).



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