Finished Reading: Floating City By Sudhir Venkatesh

floating-city-for-article-800x463.jpg (800×463)

This book was a tremendous challenge from the standpoint of having numerous emotions about the characters in which the author wrote. Having previously worked with the homeless and downtrodden, it is difficult for me to still understand the thought process and emotions of the characters in this book and that I have dealt with. I wanted so many times in this book to ask the Dr. Phil question: How is this working for you?

One of emotions that people have of all classes that in my opinion is the most difficult to overcome is beating themselves up over something that happened numerous years ago. We, including myself, keep bringing this thing up and holding ourselves back from moving forward because of something in our past. I saw this time and time again in this book and it made me want to leap through the pages and shake the characters and tell them to move forward and let it go.

This book reinforced in me that we let situations control us too much and that we must realize that we have free will and need to use it for our good and what makes us better for ourselves and society in general. I will need to reread this book in a way I have never reread in order to truly understand the emotional mindset of the characters and also the author and his emotions as he was writing this and living through this.

Venkatesh did a tremendous job in researching and telling his story and I really recommend this book to anyone interested in social science.

I have included another video for your interest from the author:


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