Currently Analytically Reading: How To Read A Book By Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

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I have read this book numerous times over the years and I wanted to go back and delve into how I could become a more productive reader since I am mostly like your our readers in be inundated with information. I came across this in the book in the summary about inspectional reading on page 43 and wanted to share this with you. I have been a plower of books, in other words, start and page 1 and keep on going until I got into the book and just got bored. Even though I have read this book numerous times I have never applied these rules or thoughts to my reading. Now to page 43:

“Every book should be read no more slowly than it deserves, and no more quickly than you can read it with satisfaction and comprehension.”

I have never spent enough time skimming or pre-reading a book, but I ran into a girl last night at the book store who told me she was reading five books at one time. It brought me back to inspectional reading and how to manage my time in reading.

I have made a commitment to reading each and every book that I purchase to skim even those that I sense that I need to read analytically.

Finally, I wanted to share this from page 43 also:

Finally, do not try to understand every word or page of a difficult book the first time through. This is the most important rule of all; it is the essence of inspectional reading. Do not be afraid to be, or to seem to be, superficial. Race through even the hardest book. You will then be prepared to read it well the second time.”

I have included this video that may be of interest to our readers:


2 thoughts on “Currently Analytically Reading: How To Read A Book By Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

  1. Hello,

    We are a not-for-profit educational organization founded by Mortimer Adler and we have recently made an exciting discovery—three years after writing the wonderfully expanded third edition of How to Read a Book, Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren made a series of thirteen 14-minute videos—lively discussing the art of reading. The videos were produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica. For reasons unknown, sometime after their original publication, these videos were lost.

    Three hours with Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren, lively discussing the art of reading, on one DVD. A must for all readers, libraries and classroom teaching the art of reading.

    I cannot exaggerate how instructive these programs are—we are so sure that you will agree, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your donation.

    Please go here to see a clip and learn more:

    ISBN: 978-1-61535-311-8

    Thank you,

    Max Weismann, Co-founder with Dr. Adler

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