Currently Reading: On The Run: Fugitive Life In An American City By Alice Goffman

050414_Alice_Goffman_book_600.jpg (600×450)

I am extremely interested in the subject matter in which this book covers and I have started this book and found some interesting statistics I would like to share with our readers.

From the Preface:

“The United States currently imprisons five to nine more people than western European nations, and significantly more than China and Russian.”

“Roughly 3 percent of adults in the nation are now under correctional supervision: 2.2 million in prisons and jails, and an additional 4.8 million on probation or parole.”

“Black people make up 13 percent of the US population, but account for 37 percent of the prison population.”

I will be sharing more from this fascinating book later in the week. (Hopefully!!!)


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