Currently Reading: Capital In The Twenty First Century By Thomas Piketty

BN-CL704_bkrvpi_GV_20140421133240.jpg (359×550)

I am currently reading this even though I am not an economist, but I wanted to understand all the excitement about this book and what points Piketty was trying to make. I must admit that this is one of the few books that I have read numerous reviews before I delved in. Because of my lack of understanding of inequality and the now famous r>g, I felt as if that would be help me in having better clarity on the issue at hand and I must admit that I feel as if I do. I have read numerous reviews, some positive and some negative. and as I am about halfway through, I really believe that Piketty has written a book similar to Keynes General Theory in that this book is tremendously thought-provoking and some of the ideas will stand the test of time while others I believe will be found to be incorrect.

I have added some video by Piketty as well as reviews that I believe our readers will find interesting:

Some of these reviews follow:

This review is by Tyler Cowen      

This review is by Paul Krugman

Scott Sumner on Piketty

More Sumner on Piketty





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