I Am Having A Malcolm Gladwell Month

41h5QL0vVEL.jpg (329×500)

In the last month, I have read The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I have not posted on these books because I have more questions to consider. As I came to the end of Outliers and Mr. Gladwell was discussing his mother on page 283-284 and his mother’s anger with racial prejudice because of their housing situation in London, this quote by his mother hit me like a ton of bricks;

“I complained to God in so many words: ‘Here I was, the wounded representative of the negro race in our struggle to be accounted free and equal with the dominating whites!’ And God was amused; my prayer did not ring true with Him. I would try again. And then God said, ‘Have you not done the same thing? Remember this one and that one, people whom you have slighted or avoided or treated less considerately than others because they were different superficially, and you were ashamed to be identified with them. Have you not been glad that you are not black? My anger and hate against the landlady melted. I was no better than she was, not worse for that matter…We were both guilty of the sin of self-regard, the pride and the exclusiveness by which we cut some people off from ourselves.”

This made me look at areas of my life where I have been judgmental and have put myself above others. Our lives are about relationships and how we handle them. What is your legacy going to be in this area?


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