Current Books Of Interest: June 2, 2014

I ran across these this weekend:

reef.jpg (398×600)

The Reef, A Passionate History: The Great Barrier Reef From Captain Cook To Climate Change     Iain McCalman

After reading The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert, I have become extremely interested in the Great Barrier Reef and the implications of climate change that are affecting it. This book spells out in twelve different stories about the history of the Great Barrier Reef and its current plight.

osnos age ambition.jpg (406×608)

Age Of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth And Faith In The New China     Evan Osnos

There are so many books being published about China recently, that it is hard to choose what we should read but this book looks to bring both sides of the Chinese experience to the forefront. The author spent eight years in China writing for the Chicago Tribune as well as the New Yorker and lived in Beijing, where he witnesses where the Communist Party still oppresses people and yet the country is moving forward in its individuality. Looks to be a real exploration in where China is headed.


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