Books In My Pile: May 9, 2014

These are some older books that I need to finish up or begin again to read analytically: I wanted to share them with you.

boi_cover_large.jpg (331×500)

The Beginning of Infinity     David Deutsch


permutation-city.jpg (292×475)

Permutation City     Greg Egan

spillovercover2.jpg (200×293)

Spillover     David Quammen

Strageloop.jpg (155×237)

I Am A Strange Loop     Douglas Hofstadter

2013026489.gif (296×448)

Where Good Ideas Come From     Steven Berlin Johnson

These are from various categories ranging from Science Fiction (Greg Egan) about Artificial Intelligence, Futurism and Innovation (Steven Berlin Johnson) and Physics (David Deutsch). Spillover (Biology) and I Am A Strange Loop (Cognitive Science) are books I need to finish up.

As you can tell I have added some video from David Deutsch, David Quammen, Douglas Hofstadter and Steven Johnson if you have any interest in these books.

I am working on discussing these works and hopefully helping me construct some mental models to share with our readers.


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