Finished Reading: The Sixth Extinction By Elizabeth Kolbert

kolbert.png (450×614)

I finished this yesterday and I must say I highly recommend it. The author brings together various aspects of extinction that I had never contemplated. I was not aware of the current bat problem in the Northeastern United States as well as ocean acidification and what it is doing to the Great Barrier Reef.

This is a book which is thought-provoking from the standpoint of what can I do personally in curbing climate change. I hate to see species decimated but is it the natural state of the world? I also worry about bringing back species through DNA. What about virus’s or other diseases that have been dormant for all these years? How can bringing back mastodons really add value to our world?

That is what I really enjoy about this book in that it’s writing challenges my thinking and causes me to really analyze what I truly believe. Do I really believe in climate change after the near zero temperatures we had in Tennessee this winter? The coldest in several years. I know it is only one year but it does make you wonder.

I hope this book spurs me to read other books about climate change, extinction and ocean acidification and get a better understanding of these issues.



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