Books Of Interest: March 20, 2014

traincover1391905742.jpg (296×446)

Train: Riding The Rails That Created The Modern World-From The Trans-Siberian To The Southwest Chief     Tom Zoellner\

The author writes about the tremendous impact that trains have had on our society and chronicles the history of trains as well as what the future has in store for trains in our world.

empty-hands-web.jpg (230×356)

Empty Hands, Open Arms: The Race To Save Bonobos In The Congo And Make Conservation Go Viral     Deni Bechard

The author chronicles The Bonobo Conservation Initiative, a small NGO located in the Congo, that has had more success than other large organizations in saving the bonobos, great apes, who along with the chimpanzee, are our closet relatives. Because of devastating war in the Congo, the reader witnesses the destruction of the Congo due to extreme logging and deforestation.

The-Upside-of-Down.png (427×321)

The Upside Of Down: Why The Rise Of The Rest Is Good For The West     Charles Kenny

The author argues that America’s decline is really due to the success of other countries. The book explores because of the increase in wealth of these other countries, America will certainly reap the benefits.


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