Books Of Interest: March 16, 2014

Some books that may be of interest to our readers:

1392115554996.cached.jpg (201×301)

Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America     Annie Jacobsen

The author follows more than a dozen Nazi scientists who came to America after WWII and made major contributions in the areas of rocketry, medical treatments and the U.S space program. The key question is was this morally wrong or did it help the U.S win the Cold War? These scientists had a cloudy past at best even including war crimes, mass murder and slavery. This is definitely one I will add to my pile.

thebrokenroad1.jpg (225×300)

The Broken Road: From The Iron Gates to Mount Athos     Patrick Leigh Fermor

I am always intrigued by travel and adventure books and this looks to be one of best considering it is the third in a series covering the travels of Paddy Leigh Fermor from Holland to Constantinople beginning in the winter of 1933. Patrick Leigh Fermor led an incredible life and this book covers 1934 when his travels led him from Bulgaria and Romania to the Black Sea. Fermor died in 2011 but Artemis Cooper, an award winning biographer and Colin Thurbon, a travel writer combined to finish this third book about these travels. This looks like another to add to the pile.

51W9IHHephL.jpg (329×500)

The Future Of the Mind: The Scientific Quest To Understand, Enhance, and Empower The Mind     Michio Kaku

The author, a theoretical physicist, tackles the brain and the advancements that are being made in the areas of neuroscience and physics by labs all across the world. He looks outside the box in areas such as consciousness being sent across the universe, pushing ourselves to the edge of immortality and a smart pill enabling us to increase our cognition. I really enjoy books such as this that causes me to really stretch myself and what I truly believe can take place in the future.

life-animated-cover.jpg (200×301)

Life, Animated     Ron Suskind

Suskind has written a tremendous autobiographical book on his son, Owen and his advancement with autism. The book explores the education of Owen, his struggles with making friends and his use of sidekicks and Disney super heroes to allow him to lead the best life possible. Autism intrigues me and I really did not know about the different levels but after reading an article on this book in the New York Times magazine I really want to learn more. Highly recommended!!!

empireofnecessity-3d.jpg (350×462)

The Empire Of Necessity     Gregg Grandin

This true story from 1805 describes a slave rebellion in the South Pacific, and the author uses this event to describe slavery in the 1800’s and the effects in had on America and the rest of the world.


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