Continuing Reading: The Sixth Extinction By Elizabeth Kolbert

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The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert is an excellent read in understanding what we are facing in the future due to ocean acidification and climate change. I must admit that in my everyday existence I have not given much thought to how my actions and the actions of my fellow man has on the future of this planet.

This excerpt from page 120 stands out:

“Ocean acidification played a role in at least two to the Big Five extinctions (the end-Permian and the end-Triassic) and quite possibly it was a major factor in a third (the end-Cretaceous). There’s strong evidence for ocean acidification during an extinction event known as the Toarcian Turnover, which occurred 183 million years ago, in the early Jurassic, and similar evidence at the end of the Paleocene, 55 million years ago, when several forms of marine life suffered a major crisis.”

I must also admit that my understanding of the past five major extinctions is very weak and I really need to bone up on my knowledge as I move forward on this book. Overall, I highly recommend this book!!!


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