Article of Interest: March 2, 2014

barry-blitt-the-new-yorker-cover-march-3-2014.jpg (366×488)

In the March 3, 2014 I ran across this article by Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker entitled Big Score: When Mom Takes the SAT’s

This is a short article primarily about Debbie Stier, who at the age of forty-six decides to tackle the SAT’s with the goal of making a perfect score of 2400. My takeaway from this article is that we are not measuring the correct areas when taking these standardized tests. It is great to focus on writing, math and reading, but as is stated in the article where is the focus on critical thinking.

Any readers know of research done recently that shows how top scorers in the SAT’s from twenty-five years ago are currently doing professionally? How would we judge their success?

I love this excerpt toward the end of the article:

“Whatever is at the center of the SAT—call it aptitude or assessment of assiduousness or ambition—the exam at this point represents an accident. It was conceived for one purpose, adapted for another, and somewhere along the line it acquired a hold on American life that nobody ever intended. It’s not just high school seniors who are in its thrall; colleges are, too. How do you know how good a school is? Well, by the SAT scores of the students it accepts.”

Please take the time to peruse this article and give us some feedback!



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