Finishing Reading: Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals By Peter Pronovost And Eric Vohr

ED-AL001_book02_DV_20100216184054.jpg (262×394)

I am finishing this up this weekend and I am trying to get my hands around how with such a simple thing as a checklist can so many lives be saved. This excerpt from page 223:

“Within three months of implementing the interventions (in the state of Michigan), we nearly eliminated these infections in all of the 103 participating ICU’s; it has stayed that way for four years. The work was not easy; it required hospital leaders, doctors, and nurses to implement interventions, improve teamwork and monitor performance.”

You would not call this book a nonfiction masterpiece, however, from the standpoint of giving this reader something to mull over in how to use checklists in improving my performance in my occupation, it is a very thought-provoking book.



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