More From Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals From Peter Pronovost and Eric Vohr


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I am currently about two-thirds of the way through on this book and I am coming to the conclusion that it is not that difficult for organizations and especially units of organizations to figure out what problems they are facing and most of all to come up with a plan to fix these problems. However, the stumbling block to me, is the ability of the organization to change the culture in order to make these necessary changes. I know personally that it is very easy for me to rationalize in order to avoid changes to improve my life, and I can imagine that for an organization to make changes is difficult at best.

I was talking to my brother-in-law about changes in our county government and how slow it can be. People want change but they do not want to change themselves. This excerpt from page 83 shows the challenges that are faced in hospitals when doctors expect and believe that they are god:

“Yet many surgical teams don’t even know the names or roles of their colleagues, even after working together for years. I remember speaking to a nurse who had been working with a surgeon for two decades. The surgeon had just left the room and she had tears in her eyes. I asked her what was the matter and if I could help. She said, ‘I have worked for twenty years with him, I have bent over backward to make this place work and his life better, and he does not even know my name.'”

My question to our readers is this: What industries or organizations are the least resistant to change primarily because of culture? I would appreciate your comments.


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