Books Of Interest: February 16, 2014

These books I ran across cover numerous subjects that I thought our readers might find interesting:

kill_decision.jpg (210×304)

Kill Decision     Daniel Suarez

I read very little fiction but I put this in my pile because of the cutting-edge technology.The author takes drone technology which America is currently using in the Middle East and takes it a step further in this fast-paced novel describing how this technology is used in attacking America without human intervention. Looks absolutely fantastic!!!

20186.jpg (290×475)

Seeing Like A State     James C. Scott

Published in 1999, the author analyzes how bureaucrats, experts and revolutionaries have used their influence and other resources in ways to improve the human condition but through various means have gone awry. Scott gives excellent reasoning why this has taken place. Anyone interested in authoritarian means to improve our world will be interested in reading this work.

bunker.jpg (313×480)

Bunker Archealogy     Paul Virilio

This book has been out of print for over a decade but Princeton Architectural Press has brought it back. The author, a philosopher and cultural theorists, brings the reader numerous photographs of the Atlantic Wall, which was an attempt to cut out an Allied invasion on the western coast of France. The author also considers the effect of World War II, its nature and how it plays out in contemporary times. I am putting this in my pile for just the photographs.

scientificamerican1013-94d-I1.jpg (277×277)

Love And Math: The Heart Of Hidden Reality     Edward Frenzel

I have always thought math was rather boring, but the author brings us another side of mathematics that we have never contemplated. This book has two stories, one of a young man who lives and loves mathematics and the other about a new way of thinking, which is one of my attempts in starting this blog. I will definitely put this in my pile.

the-sixth-extinction.jpg (300×445)

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History      Elizabeth Kolbert

Kolbert calls, with a loud cry, for humans to address the mass extinction of the species that is coming. The author, who is a staff writer for The New Yorker, does a brilliant job in reporting through experts who have researched this extensively. This work had a review from Al Gore in this week’s New York Times, which I have not had an opportunity to read. This book really looks thought-provoking and I will add it to my pile.


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