Currently Reading: Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals By Peter Pronovost and Eric Vohr

ED-AL001_book02_DV_20100216184054.jpg (262×394)

I started this book over the weekend and I must say by reading only the introduction I was hooked. Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals, thus far, is a book that brings out a torrent of emotions and the pain that families endure because of medical errors. An excerpt from the introduction:

“After the children left the room, Josie’s family stood around the small dying child hooked up to a myriad of bleeping, buzzing machines. Speers (the pastor) read from the Bible as doctors placed the near-lifeless child into her parents’ arms.

‘We held her and they switched off the machines. We held her and we held her. Her heart was still beating and the doctor came up and put the stethoscope on her heart and then he nodded, which meant her heart had stopped, she was dead,’ recalls Sorrel (the mother).

The grief-stricken parents each held their precious child for the last time, rocking her and singing to her through their tears as light flakes of snow softly fell outside the window.”

This book is about improving healthcare and all the problems associated with it such as egotism of doctors and chain of command. Thus far, this is an excellent book and has brought out a myriad of emotions.


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