Books Of Interest: January 20, 2014

41xnzDX+I7L.jpg (329×500)

The Upside Of Down: Why The Rise Of The Rest Is Good For The West     Charles Kenny

We have all heard that America is in a decline, but the author argues that America’s decline is due to the rise of other nations and that it will be of benefit to us because we will be able to receive goods and services of equal value in other countries at a much lower cost than we do now.

51OftfuYlSL.jpg (318×500)

The Monkey’s Voyage: How Improbable Journeys Shaped The History Of Life     Alan De Querioz

The author explains how closely-related species that are separated by great distances are determining their own future by traveling by various means from continent to continent. This book looks very interesting and I plan on moving it up in my pile.

201104-omag-join-the-club-284xFall.jpg (284×350)

Join The Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform The World     Tina Rosenberg

This came out in 2011 and I ran across an editorial in The New York Times and the title fascinated me and I found out the author explores the positive nature of peer pressure through our connections with one another.

secondmachine1.jpg (170×258)

The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, And Prosperity In A Time of Brilliant Technologies     Erik Brynjolsson and Andrew McAfee

The authors explain with the full advent of digital technologies what the impact will be on our personal lives, the cultural effects as well as the infrastructure advances. This appears to go along with Average Is Over by Tyler Cowen which I have reported on previously and am finishing up.


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