Currently Reading: Tamales On The Delta From The New Yorker January 6, 2014

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I urge you to read this article, Tamales On the Delta from The New Yorker as it describes Greenville, Mississippi and its history in a way that gives the reader a taste for the Mississippi Delta and southern living. I had no I idea, even though I live just north in Tennessee that Greenville declared itself the Hot Tamale Capital of the World. It made me realize that almost every city now it attempting to be the World Capital of Something or have a festival in their city. Examples in West Tennessee include the Strawberry Festival In Humboldt and the World ‘s Largest Fish Fry in Paris, Tennessee.

greenville_sign.jpg (658×587)

What is Greenville really trying to do with this festival? Is it for economic growth? Is it to build unity in the community? Is it to attract new residents or new manufacturing? I believe all the answers to these questions have some place in what Greenville is attempting to do. Readers, if you can think of any other ideas, please let me know.


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