More From Average Is Over By Tyler Cowen Part 4

English: American economist Tyler Cowen

English: American economist Tyler Cowen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the chapter on The New Office: Regular, Stupid, and Frustrating in Average Is Over by Tyler Cowen, the author focuses on what intelligent machines bring to the table and what is our role in this. The author uses a great example of GPS and how frustrating it can be. The author explains that we as humans sometimes prefer vague readings as the term he uses and what GPS does in using literal readings. One of the points he asks us to consider is on page 116:

“Will we likely try to make our surrounding environments more like a chessboard and less like complicated, always-under-construction, multiple intersections? Imagine a world that is ‘stupider’ that the world we live in today because it is designed more for machines, which require very literal readings of what is going on around them. It is a very real possibility.”

I had written this question down to consider:

What industries are moving more quickly than others with technology, such as in the areas of speech recognition?

The author makes some good points on this particular area of technology and how we will see improvements in our lives with sensors in our homes and he makes this excellent assessment on page 118:

“The real conveniences will come as more and more interactions with computers come in the form of natural speech.”

This book is very thought-provoking from the standpoint of how intelligent machines will intercede in our lives. It made me ask the question of how these machines are currently interacting in my life and what areas of improvement do I need to move forward and improve my use and most of all my understanding of these intelligent machines?


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