Books Of Interest December 23, 2013

pinkerton.jpg (260×396)

Pinkerton’s Great Detective : The Amazing Life And Times Of James McParland     Beau Riffenburgh

This biography covers the life of one of the most interesting detectives of the Pinkerton detective agency even though all the details may not be accurate but were recreated and even admitted to by the author. This still gives the reader a much-needed look into a fabulous time in history and detective work in general.

9780399536632.jpg (1483×2244)

The Lab Rat Chronicles: A Neuroscientist Reveals Life Lessons From The Planet’s Most Successful Mammals     Kelly Lambert

This is a tour of what the common laboratory rat can tell us about human beings. This book describes what these rats can tell us about our lives and how we can be successful. It is a general approach but includes areas in which rats can teach us in the areas of diet, romance, emotional resilience and mental acuity.


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