Currently Reading: Average Is Over By Tyler Cowen

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I absolutely love reading the blog Marginal Revolution and when one of its authors, Tyler Cowen wrote this book Average Is Over I was very excited. After I had purchased it, for some reason, I was hesitant to delve into it because I felt it was going to be another diatribe about class warfare. I am so glad I went against my instincts and started reading. I am only to page 52 but I wanted to share some of the thoughts of the author.

From page 4:

“The imbalance in technological growth will have some surprising implications. For instance, workers more and more will come to be classified into two categories. The key questions will be: Are you good at working with intelligent machines or not? Are your skills a complement to the skills of the computer, or is the computer doing better without you? Worst of all, are you competing against the computer? Are computers helping people in China and India compete against you?

From page 20 talking about machines putting humans out of work:

” General Philip M. Breedlove, US Air Force vice chief of staff, works with military drones. He recently remarked,’Our number one manning problem in the air force is manning our unmanned platforms.’ This includes workers to fix and maintain the drones and analysts to sort through the subsequent video and surveillance feeds.

According to the air force, keeping and unmanned Predator drone in the air for twenty-four hours requires about 168 workers laboring in the background. A larger drone, such as the Global Hawk surveillance drone, needs about 300 people working in the background to make the mission feasible. To compare, the operation of an F-16 fighter aircraft requires fewer than 100 people for a single mission.”

Just this paragraph alone, made me stop and think where are we heading in the terms of really what is needed in the future to move ahead in our work and training.


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