Books Of Interest: December 7, 2013

I was going through some of The Best of Books for 2013 lists and came across these two that I had not read but I am putting on my never-ending list:15926749.jpg (317×475)

Pilgrim’s Wilderness: A True Story Of Faith And Madness On The Alaska Frontier     Tom Kizzia

A tremendous job of research reporting by the author who discovers Papa Pilgrim‘s past and also his eccentricities. When their family comes to Alaska, all is not what it appears to be and a tragedy ensues. These type of books make me focus on what really causes people to get in this shape and most of all draw other people into their world.9780691057767_p0_v1_s260x420.JPG (260×393)

Tesla: Inventor Of The Electrical Age      W. Bernard Carlson

Nikola Tesla was a very eccentric inventor and the author delves into what makes the man tick in examining the what, how and why he invented what he did. He was a self-promoter and visionary and even at the end of his life living in poverty, the press would come to his annual birthday interview.


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