Nomination For Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks so much, Sanjeev for this nomination for the Versatile Blog Award. I thank you again for thinking so much of this blog!!!

The rules for this award:

Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 15 other bloggers.
Inform them of their nomination via comment in their blog.
Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
Some Interesting facts about myself:

(1) I was a tennis professional in a prior life.                                                                             (2) I have three grandchildren, The Penguin, The Possum and The Panda.                           (3) I have 31 different reading categories. I know this is very anal!!!                                       (4) I keep commonplace notebooks every month on things that interest me.                         (5) I have one notebook that is just on quotes that I find interesting and six notebooks just on books that I find interesting (over 3,000) at this point.                                                         (6) I would love to be a standup comedian in another parallel universe but my wife won’t allow it.                                                                                                                                       (7) I have a large head similar to Fred Flintstone!!!

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for the award:

(1) Cyril Abraham                                                      (2) Jana Vembunarayanan                                                          (3)  Jack Saunsea                                                          (4) Nanette L. Avery                                                  (5) Prateek Goorha                                                                          (6) Eve                                                                                            (7) Phil Ebersole                                                              (8) Daniel Montano                                                        (9) Sham Jaff                                                                          (10) Unknown                                                          (11) Joe Seeber                                                                            (12) Federica                                                                  (13) Unknown                                                      (14) Sharon Mickan                          (15) Vincent Desrus


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