Currently Reading: November 7, 2013

English: D-Wave logo

English: D-Wave logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been slow in reading this week and ran across some interesting predictions from The Futurist Magazine November-December 2013 issue and I thought I would share these with our readers.

(1) According to D-Wave One creator Geordie Rose, quantum computing could lead the way to true artificial intelligence. Rose predicts that within 10-15 years, they might be able to achieve true machine consciousness. Any comments on this readers?

(2) The Fraunurfer Institute has developed a smart instrument handle, which allows inexperienced surgeons to perform surgeries with the skill of veteran doctors and this device will be able to let doctors know when a screw is tight enough.

(3) According to Rob Bencini, students will move away from traditional forms of higher education. I believe we are seeing this now with MOOC’s and other online learning methods.


One thought on “Currently Reading: November 7, 2013

  1. My answer to Q1 – people have been predicting ‘real’ machine intelligence X years in the future since computers first came on the scene (X is typically 10/20/50 years). We are getting closer, but are still a long way from solving the key problems of speech, vision etc, let alone combine them together. As far as I know, there are no real attempts yet to use quantum computing for AI research (though some of the big tech firms – Microsoft/Google – are investing in quantum). Also, what’s machine consciousness? There’s this idea that machines will become conscious and start behaving like us, but they aren’t programmed in any way that mimics our brain. I just don’t see that in 10 years time we’ll be able to say a machine is conscious.

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