Currently Reading: November 4, 2013

Harper's Magazine (August 2012) ... Mary Kay’s...

Harper’s Magazine (August 2012) … Mary Kay’s Pink Pyramid Scheme (July 24, 2012) …item 2.. Cocoa man nabbed in connection to massive counterfeit check scheme (1:06 PM, Nov 16, 2012) … (Photo credit: marsmet511)

I finished reading an extremely interesting article in the November issue of Harpers Magazine entitled: The Man Who Saves You From Yourself: Going Undercover with a cult infiltrator,” which I found to be informative in the many ways that people manipulate others to achieve greed, sex and other gratification. The author, Nathaniel Rich, does an unbelievable job in an article that is only ten pages, in bringing to life, David Sullivan, a private investigator from San Francisco, who specializes in cults as well as all the other characters in the article. This is a five star article in understanding the underbelly of cults and also the mental instability of its leaders.


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