More From Emergence By Steven Johnson

Deborah M. Gordon

Deborah M. Gordon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had put this book down for a couple of days and I had the opportunity to get back to it. I am on chapter 3 and came across some fascinating knowledge about learning.

On page 103:

Learning is not always contingent on consciousness.”

I will be perfectly honest, I had never even considered this statement and I will have to mull this over for awhile.

Another quote from page 103 about learning:

“The body learns without consciousness, and so do cities, because learning is not just about being aware of information; it’s also about storing information and knowing where to find it. It’s about being able to recognize and respond to changing patterns —the way Oliver Selfridge‘s Pandemonium software does or Deborah Gordon‘s harvester ants. It’s about altering a system’s behavior in response to those patterns in ways that make the system more successful at whatever goal it’s pursuing.”

To me, that is pretty profound in how I should view learning and most of all, changing myself because of what I have learned.

Steven Johnson, at this point, if I am correct has written eight books and I urge all readers of this blog to consider reading some of his works as they are tremendously thought provoking.


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