Currently Reading The Emperor Of All Maladies

I have picked this book up several times to read and keep putting it aside as I felt I would not really get into it. How wrong I was!!! This book so far is an exquisite look at the history of cancer and how people viewed it. A quote from page 26 typifies this mentality:

“The social outcry about cancer also drifted into silence. After the brief flurry of attention in the press, cancer again became the great unmentionable, the whispered-about disease that no one spoke about publicly. In the early 1950’s, Fanny Rosenow, a breast cancer survivor and cancer advocate, called the New York Times to post an advertisement for a support group for women with breast cancer. Rosenow was put through, puzzingly, to the society editor of the newspaper. When she asked about placing her announcement, a long pause followed. ‘I’m sorry, Ms. Rosenow, but the Times cannot publish the word breast or the word cancer in its pages. ‘Perhaps,’ the editor continued, ‘you could say there will be a meeting about diseases of the chest wall.’ Rosenow hung up disgusted.”

We certainly have come a long way in at least the discussion of cancer and I hope and pray we will conquer it soon!!!


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