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I began this article Slow Ideas: Some Innovations Spread Fast: How Do You Speed The Ones That Don’t,” by Atul Gawande back on July 25, 2013 and finished it last night. Some of the takeaways:

The example he uses between the difference in the acceptance of anesthesia vs. antisepsis was very thought-provoking for me because I had never considered the difference between a visible and immediate problem (pain) as compared to an invisible problem (germs). This article made me think of Tony Robbins and the advent of neurolinguistic programming and this thought: People move toward pleasure and away from pain. Anesthesia made life better for the patients and so did anesthesia. However, ridding the hospital of sepsis, did not make life better for the doctors. The author makes a perfect example of why some innovations spread faster than others and why some even though they are excellent do not take hold.

The second part of the article reminded me of the author’s book The Checklist Manifesto and helped me ponder: Are there checklists that I should consider putting together for some of the things that I need to move on daily?

An excellent article that I highly recommend!!!


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