Finished The Sports Gene By David Epstein

Jonathan BORLEE, Jeremy WARINER & Christopher ...

Jonathan BORLEE, Jeremy WARINER & Christopher BROWN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In finishing this book, It made me think about what factors it takes to become a world-class doctor. Are there genetic qualities involved that would make a person become world-class in their profession? In the future are there going to be tests available for personality traits not just in endurance but what about empathy? Are we going to be able to test our children to determine not just through personality tests but genetically to determine what career path would be most advisable?

On page 284 I believe this paragraph sums up the entire book to me:

“In reality, any case for sports expertise that leans entirely on either nature or nurture is a straw-man argument. If every athlete in the world were an identical sibling to every other athlete, then only environment and practice would determine who made it to the Olympics or the professional ranks. Conversely, if every athlete in the world trained in exactly the same way, only genes would separate their performances on the field. But neither of those scenarios is ever the case. [ The occasional example of same genes/same training tells the expected story. I (David Epstein) was standing beside the finish line of the London Olympic 400-meter final when Belgian identical twins and training partners Kevin and Jonathan Borlee, despite running in lanes on the extreme opposite sides of the track, finished 0.02 of a second apart.) Athletes are essentially always distinguished by both their training environments and their genes.”

Once again, I urge you to read this book and really think about the future of genes and the direction in which this will take us not just in sports but in our careers.


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