Books Of Interest October 1, 2013

The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ran across these in The Economist, September 28th-October 4th, 2013:

Exodus: How Migration Is Changing Our World     Paul Collier

This book explores the question of the merits of migration and what effect in has on the countries that receive migrants as well as those countries where people are leaving. In this same edition of The Economist on page 78:

“But if too many educated people leave, poor countries are worse off. Big emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil benefit from emigration, but the smallest and poorest nations do not: Haiti, for example, has lost 85% of its educated people.”

Salinger     David Shields and Shane Salerno

I am embarrassed to say that I have never read A Catcher In The Rye, not even in high school but I have been on a pursuit to read biographies and memoirs of authors I have never read or knew little about such as A.O. Hirschman and Franz Kafka.  This looks to be very enlightening considering the authors have come across correspondence that was previously not available. Even though at 698 pages, I will put it on my list to tackle


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