Books Of Interest September 30, 2013

A coronavirus that may cause SARS. (transwikie...

A coronavirus that may cause SARS. (transwikied from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not read any of these three books but I am very interested in the subject matter.

Pandemics: What Everyone Needs To Know     Peter Doherty

Nobel Prize Winner Peter Doherty explains in a question and answer form exactly what a pandemic is and its causes. Doherty also explains that the accelerated spreading of a pandemic is primarily through respiratory viruses such as SARS and influenza. I am interested in understanding this in more detail after reading Spillover by David Quammen.

Drama High: The Incredible True Story Of A Brilliant Teacher, A Struggling Town, And The Magic Of Theater     Micheal Sokolove

This book tells the story of Lou Volpe, who was the theater director at Harry S. Truman High School in Levittown, PA, a blue-collar town that had been on the decline since the 1960’s. The book addresses what a dedicated and visionary teacher can do in the motivation of students and how lives can be changed. Looks like a great read!!!

Reign Of Terror: The Hoax Of The Privatization Movement And The Danger To America’s Public Schools     Diane Ravitch

Being a county commissioner funding our public schools in Madison County, TN, I am extremely interested in reading about public education and solutions that are working not just in America but overseas as well. I am planning on purchasing this with the intent on finding something to pass along to our School Board.



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