Currently Reading September 24, 2013

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I picked up a copy of Wired Magazine and ran across this article:

Thinking Out Loud: How Successful Networks Nurture Good Ideas by Clive Thompson

I am fascinated by what is known as the theory of multiples and how inventions and scientific discoveries were found by different people in different continents in a few years of each other and sometimes in a few weeks. I ran across this in Steven Berlin Johnson‘s book Where Good Ideas Come From and wondered how these discoveries occurred: not just happenstance. The above article by Clive Thompson gave me something to consider in that networks and the environment play a significant part in these discoveries. With the advent of scientific journals we have seen the proliferation of ideas spread across the globe. These were ideas I have never considered. The amount of information that we are producing as a world is mind boggling: Consider these statistics from the article:

“Every day, we collectively produce millions of books’ worth of writing. Globally we send 154.6 billion emails, more than 400 million tweets, and over 1 million blog posts and around 2 million blog comments on WordPress. On Facebook, we post about 16 billion words. Altogether, we compose some 52 trillion words every day on email and social media—the equivalent of 520 million books. (The entire US Library of Congress, by comparison holds around 23 million books.)”

I urge you to read this article based on the thought-provoking theory of multiples and comment on what you think about this theory.


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