Reading Of Interest September 23, 2013

Wildfire burns in Eastern Washington

Wildfire burns in Eastern Washington (Photo credit: Washington State Department of Natural Resources)

Into The Wildfire: What Science Is Learning About Fire And How To Live With It    Paul Tullis

This article is from the Sunday New York Times Magazine and is an excellent article about fire and how researchers are determining which fires to manage and which to put out. The article was a little over my head and I will have to reread it but I believe this paragraph puts into perspective in what the researchers are trying to accomplish:

From page 46 of the article:

“The Fire Sciences Lab is hoping to come up with a physics-based model that would incorporate the findings. More than that, they want their research to lead to a better understanding of fire and hence better decisions in the field. The dynamics that Finney, Cohen and their collaborators have observed would explain a lot of fire behavior that has puzzled firefighters—a wildfire suddenly spreading rapidly without wind, say, or failing to be tamped down by cooler, moist night air. “There may be a general principle that can be applied to every wildfire,” Finney said.”

An excellent article that I will have to go over again to get a better understanding.


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